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Charlie Sheen Wishes Death On Donald Trump

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Why are ultraliberals so obsessed ?.

Why are ultraliberals so hypocritical ?

Why are ultraliberals such know-it-alls ?

Why are ultraliberals out of thier FKn minds ?

Why are ultraliberals so full of hate and rage ?

Why are ultraliberals so detached and in denial ?


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So like if I said...I hope your best friend gets decapitated by a drunk driver you would think it does mean nothing BUT Old Mack must be a real weird MOFO to say something like that ???


I had a ulrealiberal cyber wish cancer on my grandchild...it had zero effect on me other than to say to myself what a sick in the head MOFO.


Zarho....can't you see we are at the gates of hell with this anything goes society.

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Old Mack is a total waste of time. He is shunned by all and lurks in his undisclosed location to send special messages whenever he craves attention. There is much of a grouper fish about him.

They set up a go fund me because the prep set his motorcycle on fire to.



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