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Tramp Court Deposition is comin right up


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Given Example of how Tramp will spend his presidency.


And the meltdown continues. Politico is reporting that a video of Trump’s deposition in a lawsuit he filed against Jose Andes and Geoffrey Zakarian, two chefs who pulled out of one of his restaurants at the new hotel he defiled the Old Post Office Pavilion with in Washington DC, could be made public as soon as today.

This is not the lawsuit in Judge Curiel’s court over Trump U; Curiel ruled against making that video public out of concern over influencing the jury. But in this case, DC Superior Court Judge Brian Holeman said that as there is no jury trial, that’s not a concern, and granted media requests to make the video deposition (and, it sounds like, depositions from the Children of the Corn as well) publicly available.

Remember, these chefs pulled out of the restaurant deal because of Trump’s nasty racist rhetoric. So there is probably quite a lot of very interesting material in these depositions. Wonder how late he will stay up tweeting tonight?

In other news, popcorn futures are up.


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This Baboon Trump would be un electable in any other civilized western nation. Americas most embarrassing times are soon to come.



I didn't think republiKans could sink any lower when bush/cheney were "selected".....then the love for Airhead palin, now the Tramp




I have little hope left for this Country

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