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Have we ever had President with the temperament of a nine year old be

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Maybe Teddy Roosevelt? I don't know. Trump is going into office as the greatest threat to this country. Folks, this is not going to turn out well...

Do you mean, I put America on the map as a world power, Teddy Roosevelt?

Cause that Teddy Roosevelt didn't fear Satan.

I dread the next 4 years...hard to imagine bush/cheney all over again but worse

You mean 8 years, correct?

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Obama is a spineless coward??



He's killed 3 times as many Al-Qaeda and ISIS members than your AWOL Oil Puppet....and he killed Bin-Forgotten



Need more?


So THATS where Obama is always flying off to in Airforce one, He's killing Al-Qaeda, Isis and even Bin-Forgotten, Silly me, i thought he was playing GOLF.


and for the Need more? you forgot the many hundreds or even thousands of Civilians that are also dead.

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