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"Fishin' For Suckers, With BIBI!!"

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Seriously......Bibi Nuttinyayhoo thinks ALL Americans are as stupid as Teabaggers/Trumpoids??!!!

He's ACTUALLY gone WMD, on us??

December 26, 2016

"The spokesman for Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted Monday night that Israel has "ironclad" proof that the Obama administration was behind a controversial UN Security Council vote to condemn Israeli settlements in the West Bank, but said it will be up to President-elect Donald Trump's administration to decide whether or not to release it.


In an interview with Kate Bolduan on CNN's "Erin Burnett Outfront," David Keyes declined twice to say that the White House lied by denying that it helped push the resolution, which the United States abstained from voting on.
But Keyes did say: "All I can say is we have that information and it is very clear to us. It's not in doubt and we are going to pass it through the proper channels." He added that there is solid information from the Arab world and internationally that the Obama administration helped craft and promote the resolution.
Keyes also defended not releasing the "ironclad" evidence now, contending that "it's something that should be shared with the new administration and that's their choice whether they want to share it or not."
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Seriously......Bibi Nuttinyayhoo thinks ALL Americans are as stupid as Teabaggers Trumpoids??!!!

He's ACTUALLY gone WMD, on us??

Who is surprised that someone still using the terms "Teabagger", and "Nuttinyayhoo" as slurs, wouldn't understand that Obama is a petulant child who would do this to spite Israel? He tried to interfere in their election to overthrown Netanyahu, and failed. So this is his childish, parting shot as he walks out the door.


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Netanyahu is one of the smartest political manipulators there are. Barack Obama recognizes this and has refused to play into his schemes. Trump, who lacks the intelligence to see reality, has been duped, as it plays into his demagogic appeal to the masses for fundamentalists that think it will provoke the End Times and the Second Coming of Christ the King.


His goal is to annex the West Bank without according any democratic rights whatever to the Palestinians. They are to become a pariah underclass who are doomed to be suppressed by the IDF.


Eventually, this will become untenable, as he has had to ally himself with the Ultra-Orthodox factions who consist largely of "Talmudic scholars" who produce nothing economically valuable, have huge families and are not obliged to serve in the military. They are essentially a rapidly growing faction that gets paid by the Israeli government to merely reproduce. But of course, by the time they dominate Israeli politics, Netanhayu will be long dead.

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