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Modern railroad bridge construction.

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You mean besides the Chinese sign on the machine, and all the little chinese dudes doing the work?




Well, give yourself a prize, I didn't expect you to spot it. Zhongguo in Mandarin, literally Central country, Middle country, Main country. Found on nearly all Chinese restaurants.


This is a railroad being built where more track is currently being laid that anywhere else on this planet, in the People's Republic of China. They are devoting far more effort towards this than "killing us" by sewing Trump neckties, by the way.


Note that China, a country run by a Communist government, has the fastest growing economy on the planet.


And no, I am not Chinese, do not think China is a better place in which to live, nor am I going to move there. I am merely pointing out a reality that right wingers refuse to acknowledge.


Note that no other country has ever in history, managed to sustain a growth rate of Chins since 1982 for such a long period,


Note that reactionary fools in this forum repeatedly claim that socialism ans communism have failed everywhere they have been tried, despite the massive evidence to the contrary that we see in China.


Of course, it is because of the PRC government using capitalism as a tool. But that is what capitalism is, isn't it? A tool to be used properly, not a belief to be worshiped as infallible however it is used.


I don't think the "little Chinese dudes" are actually much smaller than dudes you would find anywhere else. All human beings like a bit like ants at a distance.

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I did not say they were perfect. China is a huge country. No industry is perfect.


Poo-pooing thousands of miles of track, hundreds of millions of people and hundreds of thousands of tons of freight transported in China is like belittling the US airline industry over one crash.

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China for sure

I didn't even have to look at the signage. Our tech for infrastructure is like the dinos now days..days gone by. Not enough Govn't money in it for the the US contractors.


Oh wait that's because our Govn't doesn't invest in infrastructure.

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Keep looking, there is an obvious clue.

you care, does anyone else? Your reality is imploding, your power of suggestion evaporating, what will you do as just an equally spaced apart ancestor living simultaneously here now and nowhere else possible?


Stop breathing? Or make fun of everyone else not lost in reality as you are here currently masquerading as an intellectual superior being..

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