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13 Days is on HBO again

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TR was the last decent republican Prez....NOTHING like your Morons now

Theodore Roosevelt: Gentlemen, nothing in this world is certain - absolutely nothing. The fate of the nation will be decided by the American people in November, and the fate of Morocco will be decided tomorrow by me.

Theodore Roosevelt: What do I want? I want respect! Respect for human life and respect for American property! And I'm going to send the Atlantic Squadron to Morocco to get that respect.

John Hay: That's illegal.

Theodore Roosevelt: Why spoil the beauty of the thing with legality?

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"Still supports Obama's Iran deal which gave the Leading State Sponsor of terror a LEGAL path to becoming a nuclear power"




you Dumbshits have ZERO knowledge of the deal Obama made....without it, they'll get Nukes quicker



So lets elect a republiScum, and go back to their Money Pit the Mideast and start another War

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