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Association / Linquistics


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when you read a sentence, what part, which part in the diagram makes you think. No question mark, the marks in any sentence, it stops and starts on again in any type of phrase, but there is something there called association that goes much deeper in almost any language or dialect. History, mythology, ethnocentrism, science, mathematics, engineering, internal self beliefs. I am not preaching to the choir here, just a note of thought.


Propaganda is like this, it's not truly free association, it becomes more centralized. In Marketing, Branding, the entire reason for only a small part of planning a business structure, how it is made, packaged for efficiency, the logistics behind how to move it, how much to supply given by how to gauge a given demand, yet, branding for some reason these days is of the biggest concern / because it works/ hopefully if you want success you try not to tarnish it.


It is the same way with how we teach all children these days. Not so much the branding we see from advertisement, but the so much of what is outwardly sewn versus what is inwardly sewn. Socioeconomically

kids who are raised poor by poor parents do have this message of a lessor self worth, because the truth is humans are a lot smarter than we give ourselves credit for, and also, because of associations based

upon more than mere myth. It's the way the world works, we see that, we think it is built in, it must be.


The West is best / the American dream is supreme / the idea that true liberalism is built upon Western thought somehow rings true. The rest, all the bad things, well they just kind of happened, that wasn't us,

that was just a reaction, a bad time, it had to have been reactionary, a way out of a bad situation that we would if we could do it all over again, do it better, knowing what we all know now.


Anyway, linguistics do matter a lot more than people realize. In every discipline the field of study linguistics matters.


We get muddled in the way we communicate and we lose out miss the boat, remember things the wrong way, forget the main point being made. I don't think that this association thing is merely a human nature thing, because it can be shown that some untouched civilizations do a better job/ yet they don't seem to go too far / and remember, they are secluded and have only a certain amount of resource which they choose to keep.


I myself never studied linguistics and I am not bringing it up because I have read a lot of Chomsky's work regarding political affairs. Frankly the stuff he's into regarding linguistics is way way over my head.


I do think he settled however on this discipline precisely because he was trying to go deeper into all scientific thought, the study of culture and language, religion, how a people govern themselves, as well as

everything else under the sun. I am making very basic presumptions here for the most part.



Who would not agree that the majority of the problems in this world are made by humankind. That doesn't mean that humankind is evil, quite the opposite. Don't get mad humans when someone is critical of your species, don't get all alternate right species like / after all no defensive stature is needed on that score... or is it???



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