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Old Macks Christmas shun thread:

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Fuck you faggot commie scumbags "MERRY MAS" the Christ has been removed from Christmas. Why the fuck would you want a walking dead zombie mutherfuckers name injected in this great holiday season anyway! The War on Christmas marches on!!!!

Every night I pray for a friend who has died before his / her time...I will forgo that and pray for you.


I will pray that you get over your hate, bitterness and internal pain.

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It's all fun and games...to see who can out sole result everyone else !


I feel sorry for anyone who comes here for serious discussion...thats like breaking into a nut house and than insisting you be allowed to stay...without filling out the proper paperwork and wanting to keep your LSD stash.


Message board madness...where totally anonymous nuts in their underwear argue with other totally anonymous nuts who are totally buzzed out...both thinking they're always right; wanting Charlie Manson to referee and just for some fun there is also included a assorted cast of emotionally disturbed out of work actors; killing time while waiting for the right part to come along.




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