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Merry Christmas my liberal minded friends


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Happy Holidays to all! We need to stop the trash talking on both sides and work together. We have much more in common than all this crazy division that is going down. I believe in Christmas myself yet I have my qualms with the Catholic Church big time - I am a catholic by birth. I do like the new pope however, so I do hope the reform he is slowly pushing will be realized.


But truly, any religion you believe in or even if you are an atheist, that's perfectly fine with me as long as you are a humanist. I reject people who hate, not the people so much as the hate! People can change / this is true I believe!


We need to try and be adults and work together more. I'm guilty myself of letting my emotions get the best of me when I see trash talk - but only online. I would never do that in person, that's not me. I think a lot of folks who post trash and hate might be completely different in person - although I do know that's not always the case.


Anyway, Merry Christmas and happy Hannukkah - hope I spelled that right.



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