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Could Hillary be at Risk?

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Hillary and the dems bet the farm and lost.

Will Hillary's pay-to-play-pals, foreign and domestic, ask for their money back?

The Clintons have a reputation of NOT giving money back.

Are they at risk now with the pay-to-play donors?

Will we now start seeing leaks from people who paid the Clintons big bucks expecting a return on their investments?

Could treason on Hillary's part be exposed?

This could get interesting. :)




Will Jill Stein give back what's left of the recount-money? Don't hold your breath.

"Jill Stein Needs to Give Millions Back to Duped Recount Donors After Getting Laughed Out of Court Again"

http://lawnewz.com/high-profile/jill-st ... urt-again/

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  1. I thought you meant, is Hillary at risk of becoming president; no risk there.





Now that Hillary will not be prez will her pay-to-play donors either get their money back or leak damning evidence on Hillary's selling of the State Dept. for her own gain.



It's a possibility IMO.

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