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Van Jones: Only a 'Love Army' Will Conquer Trump


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He may be right, but I ain't the guy for a 'love army.' I'd prefer to piss in your eye or bash your brains in. No offense.




Though it's important to fight Trump's policies, "it's at the values level that we need to do a reset," says Jones





(Full article at above link)


Van Jones has had some quotable moments in his side gig with CNN recently – telling former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski he was "being a horrible person" on election night, for instance.

But beyond the soundbites, Jones has a clear-eyed vision for how America can survive Trump's presidency: To confront and constrain the incoming administration, he says progressives must move beyond their anger and disbelief, and band together in a what he calls a Love Army – with hearts open enough to embrace not only the vulnerable Americans targeted by Trump and Co., but also the rural voters that were "duped" into voting for him.

At CNN, Jones has towered as a voice of progressive reason – a liberal rock in a televised storm of Don Lemons and Jeffrey Lords. He gave millions of election-night viewers a one-word phrase for understanding the outcome: "white-lash." During the campaign, Jones also distinguished himself by listening to Trump voters in places like rural Pennsylvania, and fighting against blue-state snobbery that paints too many Trump backers with a cartoonist's brush.

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you fucking racist are out numbered



that is why you needed the help of a fucking Russian dictator to win

Maybe you should focus on why the working class abandoned your party in droves.


The fault is your own. Instead, you and many other dumbasses are doubling down with the same behavior and insults that lost all those votes.

written by libertarians idiot

Irrelevant, idiot.

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fuck you liar

hate hate hate



eat your hate assholes


Now you know how we feel about you ASSHOLE!!!!




If you understand that Leftism is hate, everything falls into place.

we got three million more living breathing votes than your fucks evil one


And yet you lost.




If you understand that Leftism is hate, everything falls into place.

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