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Losing strategy North Carolina will continue to suffer financially for


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It is quite unfortunate that North Carolina has chosen to keep a nasty, partisan, discriminatory, prejudiced and bigoted bill on their books rather than do what's right and repeal it. But in so doing, they have also shown blatant disregard for their own economy being that that bill has cost NC MILLIONS of dollars and if kept indefinitely will end up costing them BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in lost revenue to their state. But they appear to much prefer an egregious, bad law rather than look after their economic future. So be it. But when they fall deeper and deeper into the abyss and their residents start complaining about the lack of money for infrastructure, etc., Republicans will have no one else to blame for that but themselves.



Losing strategy
North Carolina will continue to suffer financially for failing to repeal ‘bathroom bill’


"Republicans aren’t content to be ruining the world on a national scale — they’re also ruining people’s lives at the state and local level. A sneaky maneuver in North Carolina saw GOP politicians pushing hard this week to eliminate protections for queer people, all while promising that in exchange they would repeal the loathsome anti-trans HB2."


"But surprise! After Charlotte eliminated its nondiscrimination laws as part of a deal, the Republicans went back on their pledge and kept HB2 in place. Hahaha, that’s what you get for trusting the GOP. Naturally, they say that it’s about “protecting children” and “privacy.” Wouldn’t their lives be so much easier if they just told the truth? Just be honest, Republicans — you don’t really care about safety."



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