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Hmm.. HOMO couple... WANT Respect & Tolerance, but NOT give it &#3

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Daily mail. Lol

It was kinda fucked up to be yelling at the daughter. Freedom of speech for sure. Just not how I'd handle the problem.


It goes BEYOND freedom of speech...


What do you think of two homosexual men, who (I'm sure) will SAY that they want the right to live their lives, and not be judged... JUDGING the DAUGHTER of the President of the United States, BECAUSE they disagree with his politics...


This IS America, isn't it?... "freedom of speech and all"? These are HYPOCRITES !! I called them HOMO's, not because they wre gay, but because they were gay Hypocrites of the WORST kind !! and "gay" just doesn't seem to convey what I think about them !!

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