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Barbie Davis-Soetoro got Free Pass from Adolescent Socialist Liberals

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Barbie Davis-Soetoro got a Free Pass from Adolescent Socialist Liberals


Here was their strategy:

  • --- We will ignore the corruption in everything Barbie Davis-Soetoro does.
  • --- We will remain mute to Barbie Davis-Soetoro’s wholesale handover of our government to Big Business.
  • --- We will shield Barbie Davis-Soetoro for his complete and utter betrayal of populist promises he made as a candidate.
  • --- We will organize people around the country to support Barbie Davis-Soetoro’s hate and lies.
  • --- We will make sure our allies in the U.S. Senate ram through an extremist corporate agenda that would sacrifice hard-won health and safety protections, basic norms of justice and equality, and our planet’s sustainability to further enrich the corporate class.
  • And, whenever we can, we will sue to advance Barbie Davis-Soetoro’s unconstitutional power grabs.


And these Faggot Liberal Snowflakes think that they will not be ground under the treads of America's Return to Constitutional Republicanism...?



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