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The RUMP's latest LIES to his voters:

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The RUMP's latest chickenshit LIES to his voters.


1. The RUMP's LIED to voters that he would put a 35% import tax on manufactured

crap coming here from asia has now been floated down to 5% maybe because

the richest ass holes in the largest corporations who make billions in obscene

profits off of selling their cheap shit crap here have told The RUMP to back off.


2. no pollution control of the rich cattle polluters and their sewage and

no pollution control of the rich farmer polluters and the fertilizer sewage

which has wrecked Lake Okeechobee and Stuart Florida businesses

because the rich shall not be controlled on dumping crap into everyone's

drinking water.


One dipshit promise he is keeping: to enrich the richest ass holes by reducing

income taxes on the corporations of the rich from the 35% everyone else pays

down to 15% income taxes. So, you working schmucks get to have taxation

without representation.


And he has already backed off of his LIE to voters to "put hillary in prison."

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Where and when did Hillary lie?????



Need some LIES????



Look no further than the party of RUSSIAN HACKING, Watergate, Arming Iraq, Arming Iran, Lying to Congress and Arming the Contras, Creating the Taliban, Creating Al-Qaeda, Lying America and its Allies into Iraq and Creating ISIS, Haliburton, 13 Benghazis, Kenny Boy/Enron Trickle Down, Tax Cuts for the Top 1%, Recessions, Depressions, Foxaganda, Hate Radio, Southern Strategy, Racism...

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The chamber of commerce which represents ONLY big businesses who bribe

politicians and american manufacturers who sell to the box stores all want

low or no tariffs because . . . . . . . . . LO! they do not give a rat's ass about

working men and women nor about jobs except giving jobs to the communist

chinese and to india and asia and to mexicans. Like Duhhhhhhhhhhhh.


BTW, you can hold The RUMP's and repukes and demo rat politicians' feet to

the fire IFFFFFF you will just get your head out of your ass and focus on jobs,

jobs, jobs, and taxation of the corporations of, and exemptions for, the rich the

same as for working men and women.


But alas, working men and women and unions are too fucking stupid to join

together to throw out the bums in the next election who do not represent working

'mericans, heh, heh, heh. So, the rich get richer, and you lose your job and go

on welfare, numbnuts.

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Nooooo, because hillary is part of the establishment just like republicans.

she never gave a rat's ass about working men and women.

you'd better chk her Record...she's spent the last 40 years devoted to working families in America, as her Husband has

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