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Ambassodor says use Mexi-pad until the flow stops.

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http://thehill.com/latino/311333-mexican-ambassador-urges-immigrants-to-apply-for-us-citizenship Mexican ambassador urges immigrants to apply for US citizenship

The Mexican ambassador to the United States is urging more Mexican citizens living abroad to apply for U.S. citizenship, ahead of President-elect Donald Trump's administration.



In a last ditch effort to rid the country of shiftless peasants, the Mex Ambassador wants the alien invaders to stay because if they had to go back to no job, no hope, no shit and a gov't that is vested in a drug war, they might have another revolution.







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It makes perfect sense for Mexican-born residents to apply for US citizenship. With a US passport, one can travel almost anywhere. With a Mexican passport, one cannot.

To be bi-national is always an advantage. Mexican born people must officially renounce their Mexican citizenship.


About a third of this country was once part of Mexico, anyway. Most Mexicans are part native North Americans.


If you think Mexico will have a revolution, you are simply revealing your monumental ignorance. You know nothing of Mexico.



AmbassOdor? What is that?

¡Pinche pendejo hijo de tu rechingada madre!

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It is only a matter of time when most of the territory on that map of Aztlan has a non-White Anglo majority. Much of New Mexico, Texas and California already is majority Chicano. There will be a new culture, a fusion of the best parts of Anglo, Mexican, Asian and Native American cultures that will arise.


¡Es inevitable!

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