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Foxaganda Raves about the Tramps Radical Cabinet Pick

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Fox News Pundits Rave About Trump’s Radical Cabinet Picks - With Almost No Democratic Challenge



he Fox News pundits on Fox’s Bulls & Bears show think it’s just terrific that Donald Trump has chosen cabinet members who want to destroy the department they hope to run. The lone Democrat on the panel acted as if this was not extremism but something Democrats should try to go along with.

Host Dagen McDowell set the tone with her opening question, to regular guest, Gary B. Smith: "Gary B., you say [the cabinet members'] first job should be to fire themselves and everyone in their departments."

SMITH: Exactly Dagen.
Kudos for them.
The left seems to think that these agencies, these cabinet areas have existed since - they're in the Constitution somehow, like they were in 1779. The Department of Education has only been around since 1979 … Their budget over the last five years has doubled, but you know what? Just one statistic in 2015, the percentage of high school seniors that were deemed proficient in history was 12%. Now, if that is right, there is not an argument for wiping out the Department of Education, I don't know what is. That's a solid F in any other person’s scorecard.

History is important but there are plenty of other ways to measure academic success. For example, high school graduation rates are up. That’s a solid A. But nobody mentioned that.

In case anyone missed the message, McDowell next asked conservative guest Hadley Manning this totally fair and balanced question: "In the last eight years, we’ve had overreach, over-regulation and lawless rule-making by this administration that really crushed entire industries. What's wrong with a rollback toward putting more hands of power in the hands of the people in business?"

It's going to be very healthy to have leaders in these agencies who are critical of every dollar and how it gets spent, critical of every program and how it operates because, again, there's going to be alarmism
, and there's going to be fear mongering that if these agencies are scaled back that this means the dismantling of the federal government …
Education should be the purview of the states, so send that money back to the classroom, back to the states

Instead of noting that Donald Trump received no mandate and that, maybe, he should be reaching out to the left instead of trying to ram through a radical right agenda, Democrat Jessica Tarlov, the lone Democrat on the totally fair and balanced five person panel, characterized this radicalism as “smart.”

: A lot of [cabinet departments] are going to go and I think that it’s smart to be examining each and every one of them and looking at the outputs that have come from them.

Tarlov merely called it “an odd idea” that Trump put people in charge of departments they “don’t think should exist.”

Tarlov went on to say that she was concerned about the choice of Betsy DeVos to head the Department of Education “and her policies and how she feels about public schools in this country, and I believe in charter schools, I understand that. But we need to make sure that we reform teachers unions and public schools to make sure that we can educate our children better."

In fact, the choice of DeVos should be nothing less than horrifying to anyone who believes in public schools. The Washington Post noted in an article reprinted from the Detroit Free Press:

DeVos isn’t an educator, or an education leader. She’s not an expert in pedagogy or curriculum or school governance. In fact, she has no relevant credentials or experience for a job setting standards and guiding dollars for the nation’s public schools.

She is, in essence, a lobbyist — someone who has used her extraordinary wealth to influence the conversation about education reform, and to bend that conversation to her ideological convictions despite the dearth of evidence supporting them.

For 20 years, the lobby her family bankrolls has propped up the billion-dollar charter school industry and insulated it from commonsense oversight, even as charter schools repeatedly failed to deliver on their promises to parents and children.

DeVos has not gotten results, either. The Post also noted that in Detroit, where 79% of the charter schools in DeVos' state of Michigan are, the best schools are just as likely to be traditional public schools as charter.

Putting DeVos in charge of the Department of Education is not “odd” or “concerning,” it’s a horribly destructive and malicious move against our system. Nobody interested in improving our public schools would make such an appointment.

Democrats damn well better be prepared to stand up and fight effectively against this planned demolition.

Read more at http://www.newshounds.us/fox_news_pundits_rave_about_trump_s_radical_cabinet_picks_with_almost_no_democratic_challenge_122016#iVTdiFgViUYUt1C2.99

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