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Trump won by 3 million votes, outside CA & NY...

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THIS is the GENIOUS of the Electoral College... the founding fathers wanted ALL the states to be equally represented, but KNEW that some, at the time, contained MANY more people... Like NOW... EVEN if you include all the Illegal votes, dead voters, and Voter FRAUD votes... Trump won by 3 million votes outside of California and New York... The founding fathers had a similar dilemma in 1775-1776.


So they constructed the electoral college, so that EVERY state would have a LEGITIMATE roll in selecting their Commander & Chief... NOT just the LARGEST states... It works a BEUTIFULLY today as it did 200+ years ago...


Getting rid of the electoral college? GOOD LUCK... you'd have better luck sucking you BRAIN out thru your nostrils, and living to tell about it...

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