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The First Ammendment and Trump

Of course, the real question is whether first ammendment rights aren’t under assault as is. For example, I am a writer translator who endured a credit dispute which shuts down the individual with psychiatric hospitalization. Years of Haldol later was I only able to continue my work. I published out of the credit dispute, and the school that was involved with the dispute is still critical of the publication. Even though it was published with Oxford America !? Even the closest relatives to free speech like education have their limits. Education is a lot more limiting of individual rights that people might think. It teaches humility in a way that hobbles individuals and is tremendously insecure.

The same limitations on speech can even be found in the writer’s market, which is supposed to be free of education, but is limited as the training that students receive in the graduate MFA programs…all in the name of a nicer system (which might be justified, but) that limits the competition so that less-than-excellent writing gets into the mainstream.

Editors are imperfect also. I remember saying ‘no’ to a publication in two thousand one, and have been punished by the editor since.Where schools are insecure, editors can be outright paranoid.

Along comes Trump. He already has the stylization going for him and believes liberty should be sacrificed for the bottom dollar.He is likely to bring in a ‘brimstone and treacle’ (as Dickens said) educational system, and who is openly into putting patriotism (if not his plain old self) into the limelight regardless of what the truth may be.



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