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Hey.....what would you expect, from such a Civics Challenged family?

December 20, 2016

“This is an obvious and ongoing problem that this president will face, until he creates a true firewall,” said Lisa Gilbert, director of Public Citizen’s Congress Watch.


The initial outlines for the Opening Day 45 event seemed to take advantage of the still-blurred lines wanking.gif by allowing donors to buy time with the new president while offering little information about what charity would reap the proceeds. The conservation foundation named Tuesday as the event’s beneficiary told The Washington Post that it is still considering whether to participate. smackhead.gif


It is also unclear to what degree the details of the high-priced fundraiser — and its aggressive use of the Trump name — was a surprise to the Trump family. wanking.gif


While Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks said the Trump sons were not involvedin any capacity,” organizers of the event said the two brothers took part in discussions about the fundraiser, for which they are still honorary co-chairmen."



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