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25th anniversay of the term "low information voter"

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Funny how many brains over supplied with hypothetical values is considered socially as a mind being smarter than a brain operating like there is no tomorrow. Confounding facts that mislead ancestry for generations is knowledge and instinctively understanding how one is one of a kind is labelled an embecile?


Oh what webs are woven when great minds are fabricated in self deception.


Does thinking now is Eternity win a "flat earth" award from those projecting love makes the world go round from 4 cornered triangulation of pick two extremems and pit them against a silent majority from several subjective topics creating one opinion now cannot be Eternity itself?


and yes, I am using this against Rush Limbaugh, or Samuel Popkin as much as anyone part of the Clinton political machine. Because both left and right wing priests of chaos use the term against anyone standing up for the physical self evident results in plain sight.

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Confederate Democrat National Socialist
Folies Fascistes Nues
(Naked Fascist Follies)

"The press should be not only a collective propagandist

and a collective agitator,

but also a collective organizer of the masses."

- Vladimir Lenin -

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