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Lets call a pig, a pig

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Millions of Muslims in South East Asia, Pakistan, and here in the west openly declar the US and it's western Allies to be their sworn enemy.


Yet many of us in the west refuse to believe them. We make excuses for them. Claim that subjugation of women and dictating how they dress is just "their custom". We attempt to understand their desire to literally kill every jew in the middle east. We even take the blame for why they hate us and are so hell bent on killing our innocent civilians.


When are we going to wake up and call a pig a pig? I'd really like to know.


Once again, I am not saying ALL Muslims are bad. But I am saying there is a much larger percentage of them that are bad than the media and current administration suggests.

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Radical Islam 'Refugee' resettlement accelerates

in Barbie Davis-Soetoro's final months

Through the first 11 weeks of fiscal year 2017, the United States welcomed 23,428 individuals as “refugees,” according to the Refugee Processing Center. At this rate, the U.S. will resettle roughly 110,580 this fiscal year, which would exceed President Obama’s target of 110,000.

Contrast that with last year, when the U.S. welcomed only 13,786 “refugees” through the first 11 weeks of FY 2016. The country would end up welcoming 84,995 by fiscal year’s end...


“Get them here before Trump takes office on Jan. 20, because you don’t know exactly what Trump will do with regard to this controversial program”



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