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Obama FIRED top Scientist @ DOE to advance "Climate Change"

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Sam spreading fake news again !


No, but it doesn't surprise me that you would say that... YOU KNOW WHAT? I'm content in knowing that in 1 month, there will be a new Sherriff in town, and ALL of the stalling, lies, subversion, and OBSTRUCTION will come to an end... and CONGRESS will conduct their investigations, with the SUPPORT and BLESSING of the NEW President and NOT the CAUSE of the Obstruction and LIES...


When the TRUTH comes out, and many will be found GUILTY of Obstruction, lose their jobs, and I'm SURE there will be many accusatory fingers will be pointed at THIS administration, and Barak Obama... The SUBVERSION of FACTS, JUSTICE, and the TRUTH will be laid BARE... and SQUARELY at the feet of Barak Obama... AND thee is not a THING that the Democrats can do to STOP IT !!


THIS will NOT go well for Barak Milhouse Obama !





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Why would scientists lie about climate change?



So they don't get fired. Ben splaining this for years.


Me too bruda'... People don't want to BELIEVE the DEPTHS to which THIS White House has stooped to PUSH the Global Warming LIE !!


But, when the victims come out, and sue, and KNOW that they have a sympathetic ear in the White House... the TRUTH will come out, and he SWAMP will recede just a LITTLE bit more !!

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