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Trump is better than Obama

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Trump has been better as a president-elected than Obama has been for the last 8 years of being president. BWAHAHAHAHAAH!

Yeah, being orange is better than being black.




"Trump is already better than Obama."



There, fixed it for ya.






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You're just mad that she is hot

Jealousy is a weird emotion.

Mad? Tell her to peel it off, and shoot some nudes on Lincoln's bed. I saw some more recent shots and she is still pretty fine and firm.


But alas, she is still a whore and kids are going to see her spread on the WWW every time they do a school research project on her. They will be asking mom what is that pie hole there. What will they tell the kids? Ask Gingrich I guess. :)

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Trump has never been president .....


None of his cabinet choices have been approved


we'll be waiting for his brand of home loan scams such that Reagan,Bush and Bush demonstrated.


Trump is another destructive war monger.

Trump has done more good for the country as president-elect than Obama did as president in 8 years. LMAO!

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