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Mexi-billionaire meets cordially w/ Prez-elect Trump

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In the closing days of his campaign, Donald Trump vilified one of the world’s richest men — Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim — as part of a globalist cabal conspiring to extinguish his populist candidacy.


Yet over the weekend, Slim journeyed to Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s estate in Palm Beach, Fla., for what the president-elect described as “a lovely dinner with a wonderful man.”



Well, Trump the politician.


And the libloonys think that he's clueless.


Calls the guy a Mexican Revenge and then calls him a wonderful man.


Slim has told his people that they need to regroup their economy and focus inward and become worthy of international respect.




Larry Rubin, president of the American Society of Mexico and a key liaison between Republican officials in the United States and Mexican leaders, said Trump and his team are forging a better understanding of shared economic interests between the two countries.



“What President-elect Trump wants to do in coming closer to the Mexican business community has an impact not only nationally but regionally with Latin America and opens the doors for good business relations overall,” said Rubin, who is one of several candidates to serve as Trump’s ambassador to Mexico. “The closer that the administration is to businesses and governments in Mexico and in the region, the better for the U.S.”



I had thought W was going to revamp Mexican relations, but then 9/11 happenned and that was that.





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Trump met with Mexican President before he was elected. That guy was a genius. He saw Trump was going to win. Slim had a nice meal with Trump and they talked about golf and kids. Like Slick Willie and Lynch did when they happened to run into each other at an airport. Just two billionaires having a lunch together. We are going to have a brand new relationship with Meheeco.

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