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Obama Legacy: $20 TRILLION debt, and ISIS... = FAILURE !&#33

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He is a glorified college political activist


TRUE... his biggest claim to fame is killing a terrorist that the Prior Democrat President should have killed, but didn't... and even then, the guy who actually KILLED Bin Ladin, didn't feel that the President REALLY had his back...


That, and a litany of contrived and FAKE accolades and successes... A pretty pathetic legacy

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As a member of our heroic President Trump's innermost circle, we can tell you in utmost confidence that the gaddy-eyed, squat-to-piss colored homoboy Barry Hussein Soetoro Mohammad Oblabla Junior will be taken into custody and charged with treason on January 20, 2017.


Please respect our confidence in sharing this information with you.


Know what we mean?

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THAT about covers it...


In 8 years, Obama ran up a $20 Trillion debt, did nothing that spurred economic growth (around 2% average per year which is pathetic), and CREATED ISIS...


THAT is Obama's legacy... It is a record of FAILURE from beginning to end !!


Eight years of Favoritism for every freak show life choice in the country. Affirmative action controlling speech, words what bathrooms to use, legalizing pot and gay marriage, huge increase in the killing of the unborn, on the tax payer dole the destruction of the Christian faith , weakening of our armed forces and a world thrown into chaos from Muslim terrorists. The man is a piece of shit that should be stung up from the nearest lamp post!!!

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When the Trump administration starts to unravel the CORRUPTION inside the DOJ, EPA, and IRS... I'm SURE people will lose their jobs, AND Likely go to jail...


Will Obama go to jail? I don't know about that... he's probably Guilty as SIN, but it would be tough to put a U.S. President in JAIL !!


Hillary? Now THAT's different... I think she's on her way to the BIG HOUSE !! LOTS of BIG BLACK women there who would like to be her "Special Friend" !!

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