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Hope Ends Today, Electoral College Final Blow

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Well libbers today your last glimmer of hope at thwarting the will of the American voters will be extinguished by the Electoral College's election of your new President, Donald J. Trump.


Many anti-American idiots have tried to upend the Constitution, and have encouraged Electors to set aside their duly-appointed Constitutional duty, but their effort will prove fruitless.


Can't wait! :D

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Based on the latest report...and adding the states Trump won who legally bind electors and have not voted today...Trump will hit 243, and there have been no faithless electors. So the snowflakes are down to needing 37 of the remaining 66 Trump electors to be faithless. Surely they can't think that is going to happen.

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Liberals Unhinged or in other words Hysterical.



Liberal Professors Beg Obama To Have Trump Committed To A mental Institution,
Propane Dealer Refuses To Serve Trump Voters, And Apparently, This Is Acceptable,
High School Bans Students From Chanting ‘White’ At Games And Pep Rallies,
‘Faithless Electors’ Lose In Court – Again,
Democrats’ Sad Decline Into Madness Continues as the Spelling Police Attack Trump,
Paul Krugman: Trump Could Allow “9/11” Style Attack To Help Himself,
Obama Cries That The Media Has Been Unfair To Hillary,
Michelle Obama Says All Hope Is Lost Because Of Trump’s Election,
Hillary Not Accepting The Results Of The Election,
Rat Bastard Daily Kos Founder Gloats About Coal Miners Losing Health Insurance,
Christmas: Report Claims That FBI Investigation of the Clinton Foundation is Still On,
John Podesta Claims FBI is “Deeply Broken”,
Obama Claims He Didn’t Do Anything About Russian Hacking Because He Thought Hillary Was Going To Win,
Wife Of Red Hot Chili Peppers Drummer Attacks Scot Baio Over Trump Support,
Professor: The Election Was REALLY About RACISM Against Barack Obama,
Intelligence Officials Say Putin Was PERSONALLY Involved In Election Hack,
Harry Reid: Russian Hacking Is The Same As 9/11,
Democrat Hack Leon Panetta Pre-Blames Trump for Terrorist Attack,
Obama and Top Clinton Aide Blame Systemic Racism for 2016 Election Loss,
Nancy Pelosi Claims Democrats Are On The Side Of The Working Class,
Liberal Latina Turns Christmas Classic Into Anti-Trump/Cop/White People Anthem,
Rosie O’Donnell May Kill Herself If The Electoral College Doesn’t Steal The Election For Hillary,
Harry Reid Says Investigate Trump’s Election Like 9/11,
Berkeley Offering College Class In “The Politics Of Needing To Go”,
Anti-Trump Group Says It Has 20 Republican Electors Willing To Vote Hillary,
Liberal Actress Exploits Alan Thicke’s Death To Slam Trump,
Crazy Keith Olbermann Says Trump Supporters Are Traitors And Trump Is Apart Of Russian Coup,
Bad News: Bryan Cranston Isn’t Leaving US Now That Trump Is President,
Press Told To Turn Up The Heat On Trump,
Clinton Campaign Officially Backs Renegade Electors,
Joy Behar: “Trump Should Resign, Could Put Hammer And Sickle On Flag”,
Barbara Walters Shares “The View” was “Ruined…by Child Actors”,
Now The White House Is Claiming China Hacked The Election,
Naval Academy Launches Indoctrination Courses in Safe Spaces and ‘Transgender 101’,
Harry Reid Calls for Investigation of FBI Director James Comey as a Kremlin Mole,
‘Cindy Brady’ Fired From Radio Gig For Supporting Trump,
Go-Go Socialism! Venezuela Seizes Christmas Toys To Give To The Poor,
There’s An Actual Trauma Center for Millennials to Figure Out Their Lives,
Clinton Campaign Tried To Get Morning Joe Co-Host Pulled Off The Air,
Leftist Mexican Senators Celebrate the Holidays By Bludgeoning Trump in Effigy,
Brian Williams Concerned About Trump Team’s Spread of Fake News,
Michael Moore Says Trump Might Not Be President,
Van Jones’ PR Firm Now Representing Republican Electors Intending on Voting Against Trump,
Leftist Tub of Lard Michael Moore Calls for Inauguration Anarchy,
Schizophrenic Time Magazine Urges Hillary Supporters to Stop Paying Federal Taxes,
Liberals Compare Trump To Hitler Because Both Won Time’s Person Of The Year,
Hollywood Is So Sad About Trump That They Are Canceling Christmas,
As Expected: Jill Stein’s Recount Finds Voter Fraud,
California Has Post-Election Freak Out as Legislators Pass Anti-Trump Resolutions,
Liberal Website Calls Ben Carson A ‘Black White Supremacist”,
John Kerry Butthurt Over Donald Trump’s Call with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen,
Clinton Surrogate Solicits Funds for Anti-Trump War Room,
Prog Website Trump Blackmailed Facebook’s Zuckerberg to Helping to Cheat Hillary Out of the Presidency,
Philly Recount Tallies a Whopping Five Extra Votes for Hillary,
Family Of Muslim Ohio State Terrorist Is Afraid Of Donald Trump,
Liberals Outraged Over Sex Scene In Film From 1972,
Writer Claims “Sex is About to Get A lot Less Fun” Because Donald Trump is President,
Obama Approves Citizenship Before Checking Terrorist Status For 175 Immigrants,
Doctor Fired For Saying Michelle Obama Has A ‘Monkey Face’,
Seth MacFarlane Says Liberal Celebrities Hate Trump Because He’s Too ‘Hollywood’,
Novels Pulled From Virginia School District Over Racial Slurs,
College Students Prefer Fidel Castro To Donald Trump,
Obama Blames Fox News For Hillary Clinton’s Election Loss,
School Blocks Conservative Group Because Their Mission Statement Might Offend Communists,
Insane Liberals Push Both Obamas To Run For Public Office,
GOP Elector Receives Death Threats From Hillary Supporters,
Ohio Terrorist Stabbing Has Liberals Talking About Gun Control But Not Terrorism,
Anti-Trump Crowd Yells: “What’s Better Than 11 Dead Cops, 12 Dead Cops!”,
Newsman Chris Matthews Slobbers All Over Castro’s Corpse
Liberals Accusing Voter Fraud Flip Out When Trump Says There Is Voter Fraud,
Teachers Unions DEVASTATED Their Members Voted For TRUMP!,
Hillary’s Thugs Are Threatening Electoral College Voters,
Black Lives Matter Protesters Hijack Shoppers In Chicago,
Fidel Castro Dead: LA Times Calls Him “Charismatic Leader”,
Woman Fired For Criticizing Obama In Non-Racist FaceBook Rant,
UOP Revealed, Encouraged Professors To Give Students “Extra Credit” For Anti-Trump Protest,
Loopy Liberals Enter Alternate Reality, Refuse to Accept Hillary Loss,
Mother Jones Says Steve Bannon Is Worse Than A Racist,
Crybaby CEO Refuses To Do Business With Trump Supporters,
Federal Judge Suspended for Telling Trump-Hating New Citizens to Go to Another Country,
Christmas Cancelled: Global Warming Killed 80,000 Reindeer,
Shocker! Liberals Now Claim The Election Was Rigged,
Liberal Lunatic Sets Himself On Fire To Protest Donald Trump,
Obama Staffer: “He’s Our Jesus Christ” "Imagine that",
Anti-Cop Crusader Bill De Blasio Threatens to Sue President Trump Over Muslim Registry,
California Took The First Step To Leaving The United States Today,
Snowflake Students Paint Swastikas and D*cks On Church Then Blame Trump Supporters,
Rock Band Sings ‘No Trump, No KKK, No Facist USA’ At Awards Show,
No Hate Crime Charges For Black Thugs Who Attacked White Trump Supporter,
Leftist Snowflakes MELT DOWN In Confrontation With Ben Shapiro,
Group Of Obama Loyalists Plan To Kick Donald Trump’s Ass,
Mall Santa Fired For Saying Hillary Clinton Was On His Naughty List,
Liberal Professor Compares Trump Presidency to Rape,
Obama Gives Anti-Trump Rioters A Big Thumbs Up,
Person Investigating Clinton Foundation Crimes FOUND DEAD!,
Teen Trump Supporter Beaten by Anti-Trump Supporters at School Walkout,
Group Demanding Justice Department Prosecute Anti-Trump Protesters,
Get This – MICHELLE OBAMA – Is Dems Best Bet For 2020,
Michael Shannon Says America Is Filled With ‘Moronic F*cking Assholes’ Who Voted For Trump,
Black Lives Matter Calls Trump A White Supremacist, Demands Reparations,
Crazy Bernie Sanders to Declare War on President-Elect Trump in ‘Major’ Speech,
NBA Teams Refuse To Stay At Trump Branded Hotels,
Man Shot To Death After He Said He Voted For Donald Trump,
Trump Protesters Block Ambulance: Father DIES!,
Meathead Rob Reiner Calls Donald Trump A Moron,
George Lopez Says Trump Can Suck His Ass, He’s Leaving The Country,
Barbara Boxer Introduces Bill To Eliminate Electoral College,
Liberal Tries To Get Out Of DUI By Saying She Was Upset Over Hillary’s Loss,
Billionaire Bloodsucker George Soros Meets With Top Democrats to Plot Counterrevolution,
Pepsi CEO Conducts Group Therapy for Snowflake Employees Distraught Over Trump Victory,
Report Shows Majority Of Trump Protesters Did Not Vote,
Obama Proud Of His ‘Scandal-Free’ Presidency,
Race Baiting Liberal Moonbats Go Bonkers Over Bannon,
Precious Snowflakes Flood Suicide Hotlines After Trump Win,
NBA Players Say They Won’t Visit Trump White House After Championships,
Black Lives Matter Protests Black Woman’s Backed-Up Sewer Line,
Trump Protesters Hold Up “Rape Melania” Sign,
ACLU Threatens To Sue Donald Trump For Deporting Illegal Aliens,
Black Professor Calls For A Black People Strike To Defeat ‘Trumpism’,
Anti-Trump Shock Troops Block Miami Highways,
Hillary Cried Uncontrollably After Losing Election,
Michael Moore Promises That Trump Won’t Finish First Term,
Socialist Bernie Sanders Warns About Trump Becoming A Socialist Dictator,
Harry Reid Throws Temper Tantrum Over Trump’s Election, Encourages Riots,
Liberals Are ENRAGED Over President-Elect Donald Trump’s First Official Appointment,
Louisiana Man Lied About Being Attacked By Trump Supporters,
Clinton Blames The FBI And The Media For Her Loss,
Commie Codger and Unhinged Fake Indian Look to Take Control of the Democratic Party,
Dems Brilliant Comeback Idea: Put a Muslim in Charge of The DNC,
Black Thugs Beat Elderly Trump Supporter And Steal His Car,
Leftist Site Says: Get Rid Of The Electoral College Because It’s RACIST,
Samantha Bee: White People Ruined America!,
Democrats Do What They Do Best, They Set Fires When They Don’t Get Their Way,
Snowflake Meltdown: Angry Mobs Take to The Streets to Protest Trump Win,
Tolerant Liberal Thugs Tell Electoral College Members “I Hope You Die”,
Rachel Maddow Stops Election Coverage to Tell Her Viewers They’re Not in “Hell”,
Black Lives Matter Activist: Threatens “Riots Everywhere” if Trump Succeeds,
Van Jones Loses It, Blames Racist Whites For Trump Winning….,

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One third of Washingtons 12 Democratic presidential electors went rogue on Monday, breaking pledges to honor the states popular vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton.


In acts of symbolic protest, three voted instead for former Secretary of State Colin Powell, while one voted for Faith Spotted Eagle, a Native American elder and activist from South Dakota.


That made Washington the national leader in so-called faithless electors on a day when the vast majority of the 538 members of the Electoral College heeded their states popular votes as expected, sealing president-elect Donald Trumps victory.

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Now at 251 to 118 in favor of Trump. Texas has not been "posted". Word is the one elector did follow through and voted for Kasich. However, the other 37 votes will but Trump past 270.


Poor snowflakes.

You numb nuts really don't see just how hilarious it is watching you count those votes do you? :lol:

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Now Donald will fail miserably, because he is utterly incompetent. He will having everyone in DC hating his guts within six months.


Common now. Incompetent? He beat a field of 15 and then pulled off the biggest upset in election history over the most qualified candidate this nation has ever seen. You don't do that by picking up peanuts.

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