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Virtually no voter fraud confirmed by U.S. officials


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Russians hacked servers and spread fake news / propaganda to help sway the American public. Not the same thing as election fraud.


Do try to keep up. I know, these things are confusing for your typical 70 IQ rightwinger brain.

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meet voting fraud :



ALEC is directly tied to the emerging trend among state legislatures to consider voter ID laws.



Using false allegations of “voter fraud,” right-wing politicians are pursuing policies that disenfranchise students and other at-risk voters — including the elderly and the poor — who are unlikely to have drivers’ licenses or other forms of photo ID.



By suppressing the vote of such groups, ALEC’s model “Voter ID Act” grants an electoral advantage to Republicans while undermining the right to vote.



In addition, ALEC wants to make it easier for corporations to participate in the political process.



Their Public Safety and Elections taskforce is co-chaired by Sean Parnell of the Center for Competitive Politics, one of the most vociferous pro-corporate election groups, and promotes model legislation that would devastate campaign finance reform and allow for greater corporate influence in elections.

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How many more votes counted than there were eligible citizens in Detroit and Chicago did they report ... 20,000?


Half of Los angeles is Mexican.




"Not a smidgen of corruption."

"These aren't the illegal aliens voting that you're looking for."




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