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Obama DOJ... EXTORTING MONEY to FUND Liberal Groups !!

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The Obama DOJ has been using fines literally extorted from banks to fund left wing activists who are pushing for votes for the Democrats.


Left-wing activist groups have been pressuring banks for decades, but the Obama Department of Justice has brought their own power- and the courts in order to force the banks to comply with giving money to left wing causes. The fines collected are used for funding organizations that have in the past used terror tactics to get their way.


According to reports, Eric Holder’s DOJ, obtained $37 Billion from banks under threat of lawsuits under an act signed by Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton that threatened bank MERGERS if they had a history of “disparity” in lending. Notice that they’ve once again twisted a law for their own purposes. So now instead of punishing them, we just give them money.


Draining the SWAMP will need to BEGIN at the DOJ !! AND, some of these MORONS need to spend time in JAIL !!





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The EXPOSURE of NUMEROUS and MASSIVE Corruptions under the Obama Administration, as the swamp is drained, will ALSO be Obama's legacy.


- The Politicization of the DOJ, EPA, IRS, and ALL government bureaucracies,

- Their use to EXTORT money and funnel it to Liberal groups,

- Leveraging that into political power and influence (CORRUPTION),

- COLLUSION with Wall St. and Corporate America (CRONY Capitalism),

- and last, but not least The Clinton Foundation will be EXPOSED !!


It will be a wonderful time !!

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