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Actually Competing Against Genetic Dishonesty & Social Corruption

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Your gibberish gonna spoil my high

Saying now is physical eternity is gibberish to your time relativity nonsense used for generations are the only facts ancestry needs to follow the rule of law cradle to grave by picking sides of should of, could have, would be.

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Zaro, you not interested in ending the evil humans do to defend their socially justified humanity?

Corruption defends self deception cradle to grave and with now actually Eternity, guess that makes humanity Satan and institutional organized denial devil's advocates to assure nobody understands the total sum of their actions cradle to grave.


That also makes molecular inversion between inorganic universal deployment God, Allah, Karma, Mother Nature, Father Time, Lady Justice, lady Liberty and ancestry within this atmosphere done simultaneously. The kinetic connection no reality ever measures completely since all facts are done by statistical averaging one part against another creating eternal conflicts over potential differences of opinions where life originated and extinction arrives.

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