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SNL last night... Shirtless Putin Pays BFF Tramp A Christmas Visit

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a few of the comments...




This is a silly portrayal of what is actually happening. We are losing our moral high ground at a historic rate and real lives will be harmed by this corrupt unqualified and malicious administration.





George Bush made us a laughing stock and disrespected around the world. Barack Obama got our respect and dignity back as a nation. Now, another Republican president is going to make America a laughingstock once again.






Fairness in Media 2016, 18 intelligence agencies, both civilian and military, have concluded that Russia was behind the hacking. Even the FBI agrees with the CIA that Russia was behind the hacking.







This stuff isn't funny anymore, it is actually accurate commentary

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"will show conservative watchers what to expect with the Orange Nitwit at the helm"



BigMike....they never watch snl, & even if they did, they just don't care



Its ALL about racism for them, it their biggest issue...its the ONLY issue that keeps the gop alive

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