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Drugged democrat minion losing minds on synth pot.

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ST. LOUIS (AP) -- The nation's homeless are proving to be especially susceptible to a new, dirt-cheap version of synthetic marijuana, which leaves users glassy-eyed, aimless, sprawled on streets and sidewalks oblivious to their surroundings or wandering into traffic.

Nearly 300 homeless people became ill last month in St. Louis due to the man-made hallucinogen that experts believe is far more dangerous and unpredictable than the real thing. Other outbreaks have occurred in New York City, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas.

"It was common for us to see reactions where they were violent, incoherent, sometimes catatonic on the ground," Austin police Lt. Kurt Thomas said.

The homeless are easy targets in a confined area, experts say. The drug is cheap - as little as $1 or $2 for a joint - more difficult to detect in drug tests and is a fast escape from a harsh reality.

Things got so bad in St. Louis last month that the region's largest provider of homeless services urged people to stop giving the homeless handouts, because they were worried the money would be used to buy the drug.

That's right ... in the democrat utopia of St. Louis, where stoned bums matter.


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Actually St Louis is a bit of a conservative stronghold ........




Voter ID aka Voter Suppression = remove moderates from the voting rolls.


Voters can be eliminated in each winner take all state by way of the Electoral College which is why the popular vote should be the rule. The person with the largest number of votes should win aka simple majority. This has been my position for a few years.


The electoral college sucks. Just like United We Stand sucks. Just like too much time spent on campaigning sucks. Just like wayyyyyyy too much money is allowed to be spent on campaigns sucks.


Trump = risky conflicts of interests and massive debt to multiple countries is a problem.


Trump construction project in russia as we speak is a bit stinky.


A massive EXXON-Mobil oil deal with russia stinks as well.


Trump is surrounding himself with people who will have no problem telling him to take a hike.


Trump has lost a ton of money through his reckless investing.


So maybe Trump wants to be president in order to obstruct legal proceedings?

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When your grandkids are in jail for pot, I will be laughing my ass off. Hope they like nigga dick...Laughable!!!


glassy-eyed, aimless, sprawled on streets and sidewalks oblivious to their surroundings or wandering into traffic (and living in alleys).



Sounds like you and yours.


That's why I thought I'd mention it.



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