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WANT FAKE News? Go to CNN or NY Times !!

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Independentsam wouldn't know fake news if it hit him in the face. LOL


I can listen to what the REAL Fake news outlets push, do my own research and OBSERVE the world thru my OWN EYES... and SEE who is telling the truth and WHO is not..


Can YOU tell me WHO was it that claimed Hillary was winning by DOUBLE Digits, and PUSHED that nonsense RIGHT UP until REALITY HIT them in the face on election night? OH, it was ALL the Propaganda new organizations... ALL OF THEM !


WHO claimed that Donald Trump was abusive to women, and used interviews a dozen women as proof... HOWEVER, the women THEMSELVES (ALL OF THEM) called the NY Times a LIAR, said THAT was not what they told the Times, and they (the NY Times had to retract )!!


Who claimed that it was Trump Supporters who were causing trouble at Trump events, WHEN it was the Democrats who wee PAYING the Idiots to cause trouble.. they (the Liberal media) MADE and covered the allegations), but NEVER retracted their LIES...


The Press are a BUNCH of LYING, SHIT EATING, HYPOCRITES... I don't know fake news? I think YOU don't know fae news when it hits you in the face !!

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