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Trumpy better run for his life


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He will expose the scam that is America

Not he will, he has exposed all forms of corrupted interpretation. not bad for a dishonest sob. Why I voted for him as my mascot. I loath having to be dishonest in myself to fit into society's definitions of who I could become.


My talents only leave 4 title positions in societal evolution. second coming, antichrist, 12th Imam, or Nostradamus's One Male. The last one was best fitted to me since I am like everything else living being a one of a kind replacement of everything already passed through so far.


Rule of 72 in simple compounding combinations of the same content separated as inorganic universal displacement and in atmosphere placement of biological results eternally separated now.


Damn does this implode every theory and theology imagined historically and the evidence is self evident, no faith required, just complete honesty..

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Wow, you made actual death threats against the President-Elect of the United States!





Um, sure, LF is all fun and games ... until you break the law in a really serious way.




YOU may want to make a run for the brutal communist dictatorship of your choice...

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fuck you evil racist traitor to democracy


you are next

Yes I am. bring it on!


Imagine what it must be like being content with remaining as one of a kind as only existing here as spaced apart now never remaining what I was so far.


Can you imagine the real power of choice not limited to intellectual either/or false scenarios cradle to grave?


I can keep my brain and never mind your educated stupidity again. you sold your sole to a collective soul just to believe life isn't self contained to the moment here. Absolutely corrupted you have become in the name of humanity ignoring the self evident constantly.


Damn how smart is that really?

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Evince: I fixed the title for you. Cursing in thread titles is against the rules. Please watch it in the future.


Rules For NHB


Welcome to No Holds Barred
Helmets are recommended for beginners
The asker of the unanswered question wins

No more than five new threads a day
No trash talking about members and their kids
No porn, or links to porn
No gore pictures
No cursing, cussing, swearing, or other bad language in thread titles
No, 'outting' of members or their families; names, addresses, phone numbers, SSNs, etc. Linking to pages that have this info is permitted; ie: police reports

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I think the Rumper will last until the extreme right takes him out, then they will have the Pence presidency,

You know, get rid of all laws/programs/policies except dik-tators laws

aka = American Taliban and corporate rule.

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