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Which is the lesser of two evils?

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Trump fits both descriptions---dishonest and corrupt

You only picked out one person, what about the rest of humanity including your social identities?

I like BeaChoosers theory there is no dark matter



Neither dishonesty or corruption is a virtue

It isn't a theory that there isn't dark matter, but there is a theory there is dark matter. Dah.

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we will kill all the domestic terrorists to save our democracy

"we"? Hell I imploded your rational thought(mind) processing without ever knowing or caring who you and your "we" are from this desktop. Started my trek working as Nostradamus's one male in december of 2007 and by 2010 your party has been being kicked out of office from city hall to Presidency.in 2016.


did it without leading or following notions of national pride or global spiritualism. Just honest explanations why nobody is socially getting along by design within every chain of command humanity uses to keep denial working as usual philosophically, psychologically, academically, politically, religiously, economically, artistically.


Your ideology's mind over matter doesn't matter anymore and a whole lot less genetically speaking..

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