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To help us live a convenient life, we need cell phone. But to avoid noise of cell phones,we need cell phone jammer. The cell phone jammer helps us to use cell phones in a peaceful way, it save us from the noise of cell phones and its ring. The cell phone jammers include GSM jammer, CDMA jammer, 3G jammer and 4G jammer. Of course, there are cell phone jammers in single functions-block only GSM or CDMA, and there are also multi-functions cell phone jammers-affect all cell phone signals at the same time. When you turn on a cell phone jammer, it start to affect the signal, and all cell phone using that signal in a certain distance will be out of service-can not receive any signal, can not send out any message. Please find below some of our new cell phone jammers, including Adjustable 3G/4G High Power Cell phone Jammer with 6 Powerful Antenna (4G LTE + 4G Wimax), 10W Cell Phone Jammer for 4G Wimax (2620-2690MHz), Adjustable 3G/4G/Wi-Fi/Cell Phone Jammer, 3W Portable 3G/4G Cell Phone Jammer (4G LTE+4G Wimax), 70W High Power Cell Phone Jammer with Directional Antenna for 4G Wimax, Portable XM radio/LoJack/4G Jammer, etc. Want to know more about it? Please read the following words.


Do you want to buy a jammer device that has the ability of blocking both all the cell phones and the Wi-Fi signal? Do you want to have a high quality cell phone jammer? This Adjustable 3G/4G/Wi-Fi/Cell Phone Jammer can surely help. This cell phone and 4G Jammer is the best combination of high technology and advanced design. It owns the latest designed appearance and excellent cooling system inside. Its 6 bands can be used separately. That is to say, any single band can be adjusted or turned off without influencing the operation of other bands. Since it is equipped with both car charger and Adapter, it can be used in car directly, which is really convenient for the user who want to use it when they are driving. It has a wide jamming range, which can reach up to 40 meters depending on the signal capacity in the applied area.


Second, if you are not interested in the first cell phone blocker, if you need a high power jammer that could affect longer distance, let's take a look at our 70W High Power Cell Phone Jammer with Directional Antenna for 4G Wimax, which can block the signals of 4G Wimax, 3G, CDMA, GSM, DCS and PCS. This high power one can effectively jamming the signals in 100m. It allows the automatic switching power supply. This 70W high quality jammer is really suitable for more professional locations, such as prisons.


Above two jammers are multi functions cell phone jammers. If you think these two types are not suitable for you or you just want to find a portable one? We will recommend you our Portable XM radio/LoJack/4G Jammer. This jammer is designed to jam the 4G Wimax signals only. It weighs only 300g and its jamming range can be reach up to 10m.



Do you have general idea about the cell phone jammers? Do you want to know more about it? If you are interested in above 3 kinds of jammers or any other jammer such as cell phone jammer, audio jammer, RF jammer,GPS jammer, UHF/VHF jammer, 3G/4G jammer, wifi jammer, please visit our website. Our company is a leading supplier providing the best jammer products. Our jammers have been inspected and tested before they hit shelves, you could always find the good quality jammer with reasonable price here. If you have any question, you are welcome to leave us message in our website, your emails for inquiry are also welcome.

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