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Republicans Outraged By Obama Pardons


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In a statement issued Wednesday, House Republicans strongly condemned President Obama's pardon of two turkeys. Republican Congressmen Jason Chaffetz, Darrell Issa, and Trey Gowdy issued independent statements vowing to investigate the president's actions and bring prosecutions if necessary.

Congressman Chaffetz stated, "We have recently been made aware of President Obama's unprecedented overreach in granting pardons when he had no authority to do so. Not only did the president give blanket pardons for unspecified crimes to two turkeys this year, but he has unlawfully and irresponsibly issued pardons to a series of turkeys over the past eight years.

This is an outrage previously unheard of in presidential history. We will be looking carefully to determine if money changed hands in exchange for these pardons. We have strong evidence that private payments were made to certain “farmers” in exchange for the turkeys’ access to the president and his staff.

Congressman Issa vowed that, "Congress must take every effort to investigate and prosecute any wrongdoing associated with these pardons. In each case the timing is suspicious, and in each case the pardoned turkey had previously been sentenced to death.

Given the ability of ISIS Islamic terrorists to enter our country via Turkey, and the national origins of these birds, we cannot allow the president to illegally release dangerous immigrant terrorist birds in our country.

Congressman Chaffetz cited internal FBI documents which indicated that the pardoned turkeys had been not been given security clearances, yet were allowed "free range" access to the White House and its grounds for an unknown period of time.

While at the White House, they potentially had access to classified White House and State Department email servers. Turkeys pardoned prior to 2003 might have had access to Hillary Clinton’s private email server as well.

All three Congressmen vowed to spare no expense in investigating “Turkey-gate”, at least until its fundraising and click-bait potential declines to an unacceptable level.

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