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This was obvious

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I, like many of my brothers and sisters on the left, have been in a state of shock and dismay since the election but I for one had very little doubt that given the opportunity to express their fear, hatred and bigotry that Americans wouldn't fail to do so. What has shocked me more than Trump's victory is the fact that the majority of people who bothered to vote (not many of us as a % of eligible voters) voted against that hate, fear and bigotry. That is simply amazing to me....I severely underestimated my fellow countrymen. if you take away that FBI activism and the interference by foreign nations the American people would have easily rejected the candidate of reverse....we would have moved on without a casual thought of returning to the days of back alley abortions and Jim Crow. This gives me hope even in a time when we are going to see so many hard fought battles wiped out with the stroke of a pen.....that pen may do its damage but the damage is only temporary....it will probably out live most of us older than 40 but those of you younger than that will see those changes reversed and progress made beyond where we are today in your lives.


So what are the positives?


  1. The Reagan Revolution is dead and proven to be a total bust as so many of knew it would be in 1980.
  2. Neo-Conservatism is on its last legs. Yes, Trump, the outsider, is manning every possible post with neo-con insiders who have been residents of the swamp since Trump was running around molesting women without a care in the world but the infighting that we are about to witness is going to epic and unlike anything we have ever seen in our lifetimes (even LBJ and 1968 ain't going to compare).
  3. We are also seeing the death spasm of white supremacy in the United States. I know, that is counter-intuitive at the moment considering the alt right has the white house firmly in its grasp....but the majority of people who could be bothered to vote voted against that hatred.....we are still here and not going anywhere. Meanwhile old, angry white folks are dying like flies. Anyone who thought they would relinquish power without some last minute bombs tossed into a crowded market was living in a dream world.
  4. Either Trump and company passes some sort of infrastructure bill that they rejected years ago when Obama brought it up or they don't. If they do millions of jobs will be created....nothing like Keynesian economics brought to the table by "Conservatives". It doesn't matter where the spending comes from as long as it comes the jobs will follow...and they will never be able to turn the spigot off less they piss off the base that put them in power. The flip side of this is that they don't pass the spending and the economy shrinks as it will no doubt do and they will piss of the base that elected them because the jobs they promised won't be forthcoming.

This last point is the most important. JOBS. Yes, woman will find themselves dying of infection and complications after a botched back alley abortion. That is regrettable but we lost, period. Yes, a man in a skirt will have to piss in the men's room....again, regrettable, but we lost....trading all of that, things that are easily won in the streets and will be won in the streets again as they were in the first place, are nothing compared to a majority of poor people being gainfully employed in jobs that allow them to feed and house themselves without the indignity of asking for help. Either Trump spends government money creating jobs like a drunken sailor or he doesn't....either way is a win for the middle class and the poor....despite the fact that same sex marriage is going to go away for a while. Again, we had it in our power to keep that from happening and we allowed ourselves to be distracted by Bernie being cheated and the meme about a uni-party where there is no difference between Clinton and Trump....and we didn't take the time to vote....

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