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Conservative Republicans... NOT taking BS from ELECTED HELP !!

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THAT goes for The President AND the Congress...


SAY what you plan to do, and DO what you SAY... If YOU DO THAT, Conservatives and Republicans will support you... LIE to us, and YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE...


This Revolution within the Republican Party is NOT OVER... It's JUST beginning... and those SOB's in Washington BETTER start Listening...

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Reagan helped the economy,,, after him clinton fucked up what he started and left GW with a horrible recession,,, GW did the tax cuts but pelosi and reed crashed the economy when they were installed,, and tha Nlgger he further crashed the economy and tried to make america into a gay and muslim shit hole with nlggers gone wild everywhere....


America is sick of the nlggernomics because it did not work at all



healthcare is a disaster

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