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Trump Supporters ARE SUCKERS!

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He's already doublecrossing the people who voted for what they thought was his program.


The question is, how far will he doublecross them.


All the way, I hope.


He's more liberal than Hillary by far.


Before Trump Had a Dog In the Fight








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I didn't vote FOR Trump, I voted AGAINST the harridan bitch.

I don't give a damn what Trump does from here on out - I'm just happy that the bitch isn't going to stink up the White House!!!!


You played right into Trump's hands. Most Trump voters have low IQs and are low information voters. Trump's massive spending will usher in national socialism just like Hitler and when that tanks the economy like when Bush did it Trump will start a BS war.

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Hound, those were 5 great memes.

The stupid will shirley surely not believe them.

They were so good, I believe them.

I know Trump supporters are lazy fools and we all know that America needs the ambitious hard working Mexicans!












Thanks, Knob Job.

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