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Pence will be de facto POTUS/C.O.O. to Trumps C.E.O.

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Obvious that Mike Pence, Reince Priebus, and Bannon are already the decisive forces in the Trump adm. Trump will be Chief Executive Officer, but Pence is real shot caller and Chief Operating Officer...


Trump remains a policy lacking buffoon, simply giving thumbs up/thumbs down to the real decision making triumvirate of Pence/Priebus/Bannon...


They will quickly undo much of the Obama legacy, reverse most of Obamas exec orders. Protecting the environment is not an actual priority anymore. Climate change will not be addressed as Big Coal and the Kochs will have free reign to reek Global Spillage across all 50 states in the name of unprecedented profit. Mother Nature be damned, the Almighty Dollar rules all decisions, agendas, and policies from here on...


While the Donald walks a fine line being POTUS and beefing up the Trump brand worldwide. Knowing Trump, he'll probably get away with all of it. His true goal for being President already being revealed, to expand Trump Industries Vladimir Putin style. If Trump has proved anything, its beating all the odds, skirting the law, the courts, and the Constitution, and laughing all the way to the bank.


Trump will not seek a second term at the age of 75, he will count his blessings, and countless more billion$, then go home to Trump Tower, as he planned all along...


Mr. Trump went to Washington, bought and sold it, in plain sight, right in front of our naked steaming eyes! Trump IS crazy, crazy like a fox...


He will produce, he will deliver, but for himself and everyone else named Trump.


"Draining The Swamp"...my ass.

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