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Oh Oh...this'll really piss off the rednecks

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Daniel Suarez, who hails from Mexico is the first international NASCAR champ, wins Xfinity championship Jay Busbee,From The Marbles

HOMESTEAD, Fla.—Daniel Suarez has become the first international driver to win any NASCAR championship with his victory on Saturday night in the Xfinity Series finale.


Suarez, who hails from Mexico, won the Xfinity Series championship in his second year driving for Joe Gibbs Racing, backing up his 2015 Rookie of the Year victory. Suarez was one of four drivers competing for the Xfinity championship for the first time under four-for-one rules, along with Erik Jones, Justin Allgaier, and Elliott Sadler.

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not upsetting to me at all z09



why are you cons so upset with all the Blacks YOUR SOUTHERN FOREFATHERS brought into charleston, savannah, mobile, & new orleans from Africa???


I didn't know my forefathers and I'm not responsible for someone's actions 200 years ago....


Are you?

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it never changes with you southerners, you're still voting for the Plantation Owners

You live in FL

Not me



And you 're on the losing side...


Tell us Benson..

Why should I be responsible for something 200 years ago?

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Ahhh...quoting from one guy makes us all racist. Ok...I can accept that.


As you long as you can accept ALL Muslims are terrorists. Same logic.

Perhaps your acceptance of a racist pig, makes you all racist. If you truly hated Zilla's racist rants you would denounce him, but you never do.

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Except that I have many times.


Now tell me....where are you when DRvoke makes a racist comment? Nowhere, that's where.


I don't bother with Zilla anymore he doesn't give a shit what anybody thinks and I am 100% sure he is trolling anyways.

Never heard a peep from DV on racism. Violence, yes.


I think we should hear it from DV & Zilla.


Are either of you guys racists?





Give us the short answer, ok? Y/N

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