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Bill Maher on Dem Blood Bath

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Bill Maher argued that Democrats lost white working voters, and Democrats have become, to a lot of Americans, a boutique party of fake outrage and social engineering, and theyre not entirely wrong while he hoped the left would change course on your political correct bullsh*t and Islam.


Maher said Trumps election is total backlash. I think I feel like what happened was, for the last eight or 10 years, the liberals have been telling white people in America your time has passed, and so they made them feel like a minority, and then they went out and voted like a minority.


He added, [T]he Democratic Partysort of lost the white working man. Thats what they used to have, and they made the white working men feel like your problems arent real, because youre man-splaining, and youre you know check your privilege, but, you know what, if your life sucks, you your problems are real. And you know what, what should I do, cut my dick off and check my privilege?


Maher further argued that if there was a silver lining in Trumps election, its the two issues I have been on the case of liberals for, and theyve been booing me about this for years, and maybe theyll listen. One is political correctness. Youre outrageous with your political correct bullsh*t, and it does drive people away. And two, Islam. Democrats, theres a terrorist attack, and Democrats reaction is, dont be mean to Muslims instead of how can we solve the problem of sh*t blowing up in America?

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