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Open Letter from his Excellency President Trump

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"Listen up, all you screeching nigqer parasites, surly spik silverfish, mincing lisping faggots, croaking old carpet munchers, subhuman raghead camel shit and pissass pukeleft scuzzies.


I'm talking to YOU and your kind.


The party's over!


Every one of you filthy maggots was on the ballot, and decent, clean, moral, patriotic, REAL Americans took this great country back from the likes of you.


No more aggrieved victimhood!


No more dirty commie handouts called Food Stamps, Medicaid, Section 8 Housing, Aid to Dependent Bastards, free sail fawns, etc.


No more vile Affirmative Action as therapy for your congenital inferiority.


No more set-asides, quota slots and free rides through colleges at taxpayer expense for you illiterate, ignorant microbes of skunk excrement.


No more pardons from prison sentences by that nigqer fag pretend-president.


You have until January 20, 2017, to get your diseased asses outside the Twelve-Mile Limit permanently.


If you fail to respect this friendly warning, you REALLY won't like what happens to you!"


Know what he means?

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