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The American Taliban will takeover in Jan.


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Tramp wants to turn abortion rights over to states so nothing is uniform again. "Let the states decide." Ask what women should do, Tramp says, let them travel to another state.


So this is his way of saying abortion is n OK thing, I just want to make you travel to another state to get an abortion. I can see abortion clinics moving to border towns across America thanks to Tramp.

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Blacks aren't considered citizens in the south, more like the slaves they once were.


Ask Senator Sessions.

Sessions praised Rosa Parks on numerous occasions...



Back to the racism huh...


It didn't work last Tuesday either

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definitely going to make thing worse. Lets see the train wreck.


Sessions hates the Voting Rights Act, Roe vs Wade, Blacks, browns, women, seniors, handicapped.


He may even cover that statues in DC like the last AG gomer the R's had, can't have stone titties showing.


Fkin freak.

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Ok war mongering?

Hrc was by far the bigger war monger

Not even close

So there goes that silly lie



Since when do dems advocate for free trade and offshoring?

Tell me how that's the dem way

Dems used to want tariffs and to disrupt corporate power

Now you are pissed?

Now those policies will wreck the economy?

Explain that please

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We have never been prouder or more excited than the day this week when we were appointed to His Excellency President Trump's top-secret War Planning Directorate.


Led by the brilliant Ambassador Bolton, our members include General "Scorched Earth" Flynn, Governor "Blitzkreig" Palin, Mark "Mushroom Cloud" Fuhrman, and a mysterious gentleman in dark glasses called Vlad, who never wears a shirt and keeps mumbling, "Nuke! Nuke!"


We have the awesome responsibility for selecting the first military target in this glorious people's revolution to Make America Great Again.


Our short list includes Iran, Cuba and, of course, Mexico, but passionate arguments are being presented for beginning with a surprise invasion of California.


It will truly be Morning In America once again.


Know what we mean?

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