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Generation Snowflake Meets Boiling Acidic Hot Spring...

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Generation Snowflake Meets Boiling Acidic Hot Spring - with expected results.

Yellowstone visitor’s body apparently dissolved in acidic hot springs after he looked to soak there

During a college graduation trip to Yellowstone National Park, Colin Scott was looking for hot springs to soak in, the Helena Independent Record reported — a forbidden activity there known as “hot potting.”


Still the 23-year-old along with his sister Sable left the boardwalk

near Pork Chop Geyser on the afternoon of June 7 and walked several hundred feet up a hill, KULR-TV reported.

Sable Scott was capturing video on her cellphone the moment her brother reached down to check the temperature of a pool — about 6-feet long, 4-feet wide and 10-feet deep — in Norris Geyser basin.

But Colin Scott slipped and fell into the boiling acidic water.


Rescuing rangers found the Portland, Oregon, resident’s body in the pool that day, along with his wallet and flip flops, but a lightning storm delayed the recovery.

However, when they returned the next day, no remains were found.

Deputy Chief Ranger Lorant Veress, noting the dangerous churning waters, told KULR that

“in a very short order there was a significant amount of dissolving.”


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