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trump the LIAR is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic

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trump the LIAR is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.


By hiring the same old politicians and political hacks and ass kissers,

trump the LIAR sure as hell has GOT NO HONEST INTENTION of ever

draining the swamp in Washington, DC. He is even interviewing lying

ted cruz and moron neo con romney. WTF!


Whatever happened to all those great businessmen and negotiators

trump was going to hire like icahn? Who is next? Is trump going to

hire crooked hillary?


How about hiring a third grade math teacher to teach trump simple

arithmetic like income versus outgo with respect to balancing the

federal budget instead of trump the liar and the criminal congress

creating MORE debt and more inflation for young Americans and

for future generations?????


This is not one of his businesses where he can declare bankruptcy,

fuck the workers and little people and keep billions for himself just

like romney did. trump and repukes in congress are now in complete

charge of the American budget and those getting the fucking will be

the same ole, same ole ordinary voters who voted for him.


And don't tell me we should have voted for crooked hillary, that bitch

would have been worse than trump. Possibly bernie would have been \

good if the demo rats had not screwed the pooch so badly in their

criminal activities for hilldabitch.

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it will take 50-75 years to clean up the kenyan clowns mess


you mean the bush, dick head cheney taking a 5 trillion dollar deficit

when bill clinton left office to a 20 trillion dollar deficit by starting two wars,

by allowing terrorists to kill 3000 'mericans, heh, heh, heh on 9-11, and

by giving tax cuts to the rich, and by crashing the stock market and crashing

wall street and the dow from 14400 down to 7000, and by moving 20,000,000

jobs to china and bringing in to the USA 20,000,000 illegals to take 'merican

jobs, heh,heh, heh.


Sooo, you must be calling bushit bush and dick head cheney the kenyon

n1gger clowns.

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it will take 50-75 years to clean up the kenyan clowns mess

Obama is leaving office with years of consecutive employment growth, 5% (full) unemployment, 19 trillion in debt, deficits half the size of what he inherited, years without a recession, a growing economy, relative peace (at least so far as large-scale combat operations are concerned), more people with adequate healthcare insurance than ever before, a stable financial system, a healthy construction sector, low inflation, a record high stock market, the American auto industry that Republicans were ready to write off, and the list goes on and on.


We'll see what things are like a year from now, or four, if tRump lasts that long.

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William is there any politician you support? Just curious


I like Jim Webb, but he did not have any name recognition to run for prez.


Jeb Bush was actually a good governor in Florida even

though his brother was an ass hole as prez.

Sen. Tester seems like an honest rancher.


Are there any honest politicians not taking campaign contribution BRIBES?


I just think that after FDR, Truman, IKE and JFK, there have been nothing but

bull shit artists grabbing for all the BRIBE money they can from the rich and the military

industrial, drug and insurance, oil and box store companies.

trump's policies are tax cuts for the rich, send more US factories

out of the country. (you didn't really believe he would put a 35%

import tax on anything, did ya?)


trump and the repuke establishment are just running the same old,

same old repuke playbook.


repeal and replace obamacare? Naaaa. How about replace and

THEN, repeal obamacare.


And how is trump going to overcome the military - industrial establishment?

how about trying to move mt. everest to the sahara desert.

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