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Mexican Government Launches 11-point Plan to Deal With Trump


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The call for unity is accompanied by Mexico’s somewhat ambiguous 11-point plan to shield Mexican immigrants living in the United States:

The creation of a toll-free phone hotline (185 54 63 63 95) so Mexicans in the U.S. can contact their government in Mexico for assistance, information and consular protection.

The activation of a direct 24-hour phone line in the U.S. for consular assistance.

Encouraging people to download and make use of the app for Mexican U.S. consulates.

Increasing the number of mobile consulates to assist a greater number of people with protection and documentation.

Increasing the number of consulate appointments so more Mexicans can request documents such as passports and birth certificates.

Promote the registration and issuance of birth certificates for children of Mexican nationals born in the U.S.

Extend the work hours of protection departments at the consulates.

Strengthen financial and banking assistance.

Strengthen dialogue with local and state authorities.

Improve ties with civil rights organizations.

Call on the entire Mexican community to avoid conflict and any actions that could result in penal or administrative sanctions.

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Mexican Mayor Arrested After Hundreds Massacred and Cooked in Network of Ovens




Murdering and incinerating is part of their internal plan to deal w/ their problems.





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Trump will order mexico to send 20 billion us dollars to him to build the wall with,, or mexico is cut off , the border is closed until further notice,,, every wire transfer is cut off,,, every spic we can catch, pitched over the fences

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