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Climate change vs Global warming

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Im pretty sure SOME politicians ON BOTH SIDES don't know the fucking difference or what they are actually arguing about, let alone keyboard commandos....


I have heard it called an ENTIRE HOAX one to many times... Which would be bigger than the con trump pulled to get elected.......Its actually quite interesting if you dig into FACTS and or read about SOME of the scientists labeled as skeptics. SOME were labeled that way, not because they argued increased green house gasses were warming the planet but they disputed the computer models used dealing with the overall effects on things such as precipitation, wind, and severe weather etc... ie CLIMATE CHANGE....


For fucks sake even the PRO OIL PRO COAL BUSH 2 admitted man made green house gasses warm the earth (GLOBAL WARMING) but was skeptical of the effects of the warming (CLIMATE CHANGE).


Maybe skeptics should label it "the effects of a warmer planet hoax" its easy to understand and doesn't have big hard words to grasp like climate and global in it.....


Bottom line: Global Warming and Climate Change are different and not interchangeable, there is more measurable Co2 is in the atmosphere than before caused by humans and most scientists including the skeptics agree USING PROVEN SCIENTIFIC METHODS C02 causes the earths temperature to rise (GLOBAL WARMING), however there is a broader disagreement as to how warmer temps are effecting it (CLIMATE CHANGE).




Am I in grieving shock because of a trump victory? fuck yeah, im at the anger stage right now....

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talk to any republiKan sometime,,,its amazing how little they know



All you get from them is repeats from Foxaganda...and you can see whats happened to America since Foxagandas inception, its called 'the Intentional dumbing down of America' from the right

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it's funny to watch the life long section 8 dweller food stamp ricky get bitch slapped on his global warming low info talking points. Boy was beaten daily on other boards. The dems love their section 8 base. Food stamp ricky should be the poster boy of the welfarecrat party and the picture of extreme stupidity.

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