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Beware, Trump is an Urban Sprawler Mentality

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Hope he has a little human instinctive navigation left in him to know he was elected a mascot, not a leader.


thing that made me think of this was listening to Rush today talking about how he(both Trump and Rush) does business since 1988 through the election here. I voted for Trump as a mascot of social corruption on parade as he was the lesser of 4 evils placed on the ballot by the ruling elites.


Rush is just a capitalizer off those fooled for life.

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I voted for figure head Trump because he was the lesser of 2 evils.

As I. But I do have hopes but don't dream them possible. Bob Dylan wrote the song about answers blowing in the wind, and it is from there I got the idea of using cyberspace to try something nobody else was doing in the public arena of ideas.


I instinctively know Time is immovable because of working within technology industry for 32 years establishing global lines of instant communication between 24 relative time zones from one household to any household globally and that turned into personal held devices.


Self containment operates with inversion of the total sum, not an ever expanding set of resources. simple compounding results within an immovable time frame. one person's idea spreads to two people, to 4 people, 8 people, 16.


for a decade I cast my gibberish on messageboards where those defending hyperbole never allow honest discussion to erupt at any time. My reward, Trump won. My reward, those fixing the gulf oil leak used my idea. and in the previous 4 election cycles global elitists were removed from local districts within the United State of America.


I wasn't doing this for God or Country, just my sole liberty to remain one of a kind as civilly as society allows by law denying how life really exists in plain sight.


Eternal peace as natural balancing supplies the opportunity all the time, now and only here in this moment. As Franklin stated, "A republic, for as long as you can keep it.". I have been defending it 10 years and everyone says I just speak gobbledegook.


someone tell Donald I would make an excellent supreme court Justice as I don't take ideological sides trying to divide ancestry into social conflicting policy wonkers. I know the technology has a trace on where I post from and what I scan through to mislead mechanical programming and those reading the results.

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